i take a cue from certain people i know - take 3: TAYLOR JACOBSON

meet taylor jacobson.. if you have cable and think you already know her, you may be mistaken.. here's some insight into this stylist's worldddd via the ITACFCPIK Q&A (p.s. i'm "G" and she's "T")..

G: I feel like you have a bad wrap from being on the show. What should people really know about you? Do you regret being on TV?
T: I don’t have any regrets. You live and learn. I don’t do drama and cant be bothered with cattiness. I also think there are a lot of desperate people out there who will do anything for the spotlight..

G: What are you wearing right now?
T: I’m wearing jewel gladiators, black drop crotch pants, a silk tank, vest, and a leather motorcycle jacket.

G: What do you always carry in your purse?
T: my camera, gum and pressed powder

G: What fuels you to keep styling?
T: I love it! I love making people feel good. And, I can’t lie.. I like pretty things.

G: What is the first thing you put on when getting ready?
T: baby powder in my hair.. obsessed with it being white

G: Favorite designer?
T: Isabel Marant

G: Fashion icon?
T: Jane Birkin

G: What do you use everyday that's not typical
T: i have two thin diamond bands on that i haven't taken off  in 4 years

G: Attach a photo that defines happiness to you..
T: picture of a clown.. real happiness

G: How often do you wash your hair?
T: every other day

G: What is your motto?
T: never regret...can’t take back the past

G: What is your vice?
 T: i meannn…

G: Favorite color?
T: Black

G: Favorite flower?
T: Tulips

G: ideal man?
T: my boyfriend

G: ideal woman?
T: my mom

G: What do you want to be remembered for?
T: honesty and a sense of humor

G: Favorite movie?
T: less then zero

G: Stick shift or automatic?
T: stick shift

G: What are you loving right nowww?
T: African prints, neon lipstick, ball gowns.. warhol - best artist ever..

more shots of taylorrr
taylor at her office

 taylor and her new bff/boutique owner, hillary rush

fun city usaaaa

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