nouveau riche

say hello to the myriad shades of lara stone. she's been pounding pavement with ad campaigns for the sickest of brands and covergirl for countless magazines. lara is listed as one of the 'Top 10 Models of the Decade' on style.com. i must say, i do concurrrr. thegirlgivesgreatfaceeeee


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sic transit gloria

every woman should learn the quintessential art of seduction via the stripper pole (clear platform hooker heels not included)


pack it up, pack it innnnn


i love tasteful shots of people suspended in air. when it's done right, it looks super raddd. even better in black and white.

i've known you, but i've only just begun to know you

epic epic epicccc. here are more old tear sheets from my archives circa 2004 or 2005.. i believe these are from i-d magazine. i love the throwback yearbook concept - every single production element in this is cosmic brilliance. i will definitely apply this inspiration to a future project.


hilary rhoda's face is perfection. beauteous brazilian babe.
vogue turkey october 2010


gimme gimme gimmeee



these pendleton blankets are badasssss.

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evoking the sight of soundddd


my mind ceases to rest unless its intoxicated with rad visuals and sound. joshua, one of my best friends, gave me this epic mix cd - sheer.fucking.magicccccc. his calling in life is to curate soundtracks for movies, commercials and brands. oh, and to strictly doodle sharpie art work onto things like cds.. i recommend you give this playlist a try.

     blue steel - bot'ox
    excuses - the morning benders
    a message to pretty - love
    crimson & clover - tommy james & the shondells
    celestica - crystal castles
    we own the sky - m83
    ten mile stereo - beach house
    talamak - toro y moi
    the story i heard - blind pilot
    small black (remix) - washed out
    demon host - timber timber
    rest of our lives (live) - dum dum girls
    for emma forever ago - bon iver
    the balcony - the rumors said fire
    belated promise ring - iron & wine
    always for you - the album leaf

    learn to love me, assemble the ways

    all things that compel are timeless in essence.. i found some old tear sheets from 2006 when my childhood friend woo and i had a line called surrender everything. the late nights and light speed exchange of creative energy whilst chain smoking and creating lead us to these 2 shots of the legendary dash snow (R.I.P.) and stella tennant for inspiration - still captivates me today.

    w magazine february 2006


    sustenance in the form of mind blowage

    10 magazine fall 2010 shot by mario sorrenti 
    featuring model guinevere van seenus


    i take a cue from certain people i know - take 2: FEARNE COTTON

    I met Fearne through my best guy friends over 5 years ago and she is straight up rad. 

    if you're not familiar with her, its time to take note.. Fearne used to co-host Top of the Pops (our equivalent to MTV's TRL at its peak, but radder) and she is the first female staple on BBC Radio 1.

    my heart literally imploded upon seeing Fearne's one-on-one interview with JOHNNY-holy-jesus-DEPP and Tim Burton (view here). she happens to be an insanely talented artist - her paintings are absolutely ridiculous. additionally, she DJs, designs a badass collection for Very, has a book coming out mid-October with her BFF and is unintentionally stacking her cool factor chips here in the states.

    here's my q&a with this tv host-slash-DJ-slash-fashion designer-slash-artist-slash-girl you need to knowww..

    1- what is the first thing you put on when getting ready?
    pants always...hanky pankys through and through!

    2- what do you wear everyday?
    a ring my mum gave me with a ruby in it that sits at the top of my middle finger.

    3- this photo symbolizes happiness to Fearne:
    its me on a beach in hawaii from the best holiday

    4- how often do you wash your hair?
    every 3 days. My hair always looks better unwashed

    5- what’s your motto?
    i seem to say “you only live once” a lot so i can get away with doing things that are perhaps naughty or uncalled for hah!

    6- what is your vice?

    7- favorite color?
    green, emerald green

    8- favorite flower?
    a rose. i have big tattoo roses on my back

    9- ideal man?
    the one i’ve got

    10- ideal woman?
    debbie harry

    11- what do you want to be remembered for?
    giving everything a go

    12- favorite movie?
    almost famous

    13- stick shift or automatic?
    auto all the way. im a control freak

    14- nick name?
    f cott, cotton socks, needle

    15- favorite website?

    16- favorite place to eat?
    my kitchen or scotts in London

    17- favorite LA spot?
    beauty bar where i met my soul mate

    18- favorite scent?
    diptique DUELLE or Molecule

    fearne's collection at very is radddd. check it out here

    behind the scenes
    her painting of Robert Pattinson
    LA shirt !
    sweet pants
    holy shit, zac efron can grow facial hair!?

    get to know more at officialfearnecotton.com