who doesn't love jeffrey campbell shoes (at least 92% of the styles)? that's like asking who doesn't love to laugh. right? right.. these bad boys kinda channel isabel marant boots for only $165.00 (squint really hard and take a quick scan.. see, told you.)
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move aside overpriced friendship bracelets that evoke the 2nd grade sans the head lice (no, i didn't).. and, no, the rhinestones and unnecessary beading do not warrant the extra hundo on the price tag.. say hello to this summer's friendship bracelet - the decenario aka knotted rosary. shit's tight. and cheap. black is always my default but the neon colors are rad for the heat ahead. i would not spend over $3 all inclusive a pop. stack em on with your bracelets, silly bandz, exisiting over/under priced friendship bracelets, sparkles, jewels, watch or whateves and feel free to share with your girl or dude friends. i swear, they will like em, even if they're jewish (maybe? yeah, wtfn).



man oh man, my wildest dreams realized in the form of power pumps in the form of a gritty 90's grunge/mario testino-esque shot. who the fuck makes these badass beautes? 

source: harper's bazaar spain june 2011
styled by juan cebrian
photographed by txema yeste


chemical bro


doesn't this chick remind you of courtney love cira hole in its prime? like a lot-a-bit. thanks dimitris skoulos for the rich virtual k-hole sesh and hats off to erini vassou on the rad style job.

model: natsya
lens: dimitris skoulos
styling: erini vassou
source: elle greece june 2011

bridge the gap


give good face like ashley smith do


i usually don't like athletic-themed shoots as they tend to look too contrived, but these shots are fresh. i love the color combo of the creme, jewel-toned red and navy blue in the second shot. 

model: erin heatherton
photog: nagi sakai
source: harper's bazaar spain june 2011

fur shurrrr

simply ripping



 here's some fei fei sun street steez action for ya - she's by far my favorite asian model right now. love her faceeee