hail mary

still love this shoot from the june issue of dedicate. ashley smith is a bad ass smokin nun, indeed.


love this first shot.. these are my top picks from the jan spread in elle spain.


countdown to two oh eleven

yes du jour

these are 3 of my daily essentials that can be found in my purse: 1) field notes lined note pads are rad for reminders and jotting down numbers. i use these in addition to my moleskin. by the way, the field notes font is my FAVORITE. 2) loree rodkin I scented oil. ummm. hands down the best shit ever. i've never received as many compliments for any perfume as i have with this. available at maxfields for $100 - do yourself a favor and buy it. p.s. you're welcome. 3) my comme des garcons white snake/reptile 3 zip wallet. it's worn to shreds and has pen stains/crap all over it but thats what makes it special. best. wallet. ever. ever.

nude babe

i wish it was warm out because if the sun was blazing these cutout puppies would be on my feet. i bet they're better in/on person. check out the messeca coraline shoe  here. $170 aint bad at all.

true grit


whisper it

i'm noticing a resurgence in rad asian models lately. exhibit a sits above. also the 2 chicks in the h&m holiday ads are awesome. my favorite hands down is jenny shimizu, btw. post on jenny coming sooooon


i be on it all night, i be on it all dayyyy

kryptonite baby. i'm feeling the new low luv accessories by erin wasson.
 check out more at RevolveClothing.com


ginger and j


i'm what you call a cold-climate-dressing illiterate. being born and raised in LA has desensitized me to a real understanding of "seasons" and i must say, this fall/winter has been brrrrrrrrrrr as fuuuuuuck. it's been hard to find a functional, well designed, lightweight yet warm jacket. sooooo, i may have to take this ride... the jamison double layer sweater coat that i've been eyeing for some time just went on sale (at Saks). it's still a few hundred bucks, but totally worth it? short in the front, party tail in the backkkk


stoked du jour

 best. bra. ever. just rec'd my Honeydew swiss dot bralette in the mail and its perfection. buy it for $32 at madewell click here

F the BS

i neeeeed these rings and i have over the knee black suede boots coming to me soon thanks to adriana. yessss.