i take a cue from certain people i know - part 1: MONICA ROSE

happy fridayyyyy! i'm conducting a social networking experiment by utilizing the interweb and blogosphere to profile a few friends and heavy hitters alike. First up, my best friend and hard-working badass, Monica Rose.

i met Monica over 7 years ago when we were both starting out - she had just landed a gig on the recently launched E! Networks as lead wardrobe stylist on D10 and i was heading up my own business. flash forward to now and Monica reads on paper as a bona fide influencer - she styles Kim, Kourtney, Khloe Kardashian and other notable celebrities including Keri Hilson, Catt Sadler on E!'s Daily 10 and many others. She has over 16K followers on twitter and a top fashion blog http://www.monicarosestylist.blogspot.com/. Monica is a self-made woman who literally worked her way up from scratch whilst maintaining a smile and grace through even the hardest of times. i adore her and she inspired me to start this blog.

here are a few questions i asked Monica to shed light into her daily life...

1. what is the first thing you put on when getting ready?
My Hanky Pankys and Kiehls moisturizer

2. what do you use everyday?
My Joomi Lim spike bracelet, all my vintage rings and my Pamela Love horn necklace.  I feel naked with out them.

3. this photo symbolizes happiness (like me, my girl works hard and knows how to enjoy a drank):

4. how often do you wash your hair? 
Haha never maybe twice a week. I don't have time.

5. what is your motto? 
Just do YOU!

6. what is your vice? 
My crackberry and Starbucks Chai Vanilla Latte

7. favorite color? 
Black and grey

8. favorite flower? 

9. ideal man? 
Sal Barbier

10. ideal woman? 
Someone with confidence and individuality

11. what do you want to be remembered for? 
My work because I put my heart and soul into it.

12. favorite movie? 
Dirty Dancing

13. stick shift or automatic? 
Automatic. I live in LA

14. your nickname? 

15. favorite website? 
Style.com http://www.style.com/

16. favorite place to eat? 
El Compadres - best margaritas in town

17. favorite spot in LA? 
Soho House

18. favorite scent? 
Jo Malone Orange Blossom

somethings you may not know about Monica:
she has a beautiful daughter named Alaia Rose Barbier

more shots of Monica behind the scenes...
styling baby kardashian, kendall jenner
styling geri (becauseimaddicted - love)


Anonymous said...

Grace! I love that you interviewed your bestie and started a blog! I follow Monica Rose and I absolutely love love her work and look up to her as inspiration. I one day want to be in her shoes. Keep up with the blog, I will be checking in for posts. :) I also have a blog that I started. http://moniquemarguerite.blogspot.com/

Emely Reyes said...

Love Love Love Monica! She is my idol If I can be anyone else for a day It would be her! She has truly inspired me to be a Fashion Stylist! and now I see we both have the same Fav. colors! LOL Keep up the good work Monica! You have Fans all over NYC! BeSOS!

G R A C E said...

she's taking over ladiessssss!!!!

G R A C E said...

thank you so much!!!! xxxx

Monica Rose said...

Blushing!!! :) xoxo

Andee Layne said...

great post... i came across your blog through hers. Im a new follower xo

G R A C E said...

i'm stoked you are enjoying content. love xxxxx

dani said...

so cool!!! i love her taste all the time!


Jerrod Jordan said...

Love Monica Rose, her work ethic & drive with her dedication.. She definitely keepsme on my toes as an upcoming stylist..